The essence of elegance in total white and cream / A essência da elegância em branco total e creme


The essence of elegance in white and cream

Simona Cappitelli Ferri - WTuscany Design

I knew Marina and Marco more than one year ago when they came to me to discuss about their wedding. I immediately knew she wanted to be perfect, romantic and elegant, pratically I found my other half when she said : “I want it elegant, but sober”.

Let’s start with the church. It was not easy becase this church is open only for visits and not so many weddings took place in this little church in the heart of Florence, few steps from the Duomo.

This was the church where the Summa poet Dante Alighieri married his wife Gemma Donati but most of all it is the church where Dante met for the very first time, his muse, Beatrice, a girl who died too young and buried there.  The priest is a caracter and he is not keen in giving this church for weddings but the couples were very stubborn…

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