Una fuga d’amore con matrimonio: la lettera di uno sposo

Oggi vorrei condividere con voi la lettera che uno sposo mi ha scritto alcuni giorni fa. Vi devo dire che mi ha realmente scaldato il cuore. Non metto molto spesso le lettere di ringraziamento che ricevo dagli sposi perché come carattere non mi piace condividere questi momenti: sono molto gelosa e protettiva nei confronti della privacy dei miei sposi ma questa lettera mi ha davvero toccato. E’ in inglese, spero che possiate capirla comunque, ho evidenziato i punti essenziali. Una bellissima coppia. Appena ho visto lui mi sono detta, non è possibile.

Aveva Firenze e i suoi simboli tatuati sul suo bel corpo palestrato: Perseo, l’Uomo vitruviano di Leonardo, Il David di Michelangelo. Un netto contrasto con lei, dolcissima, dai capelli biondi che forse ha capito un decimo di quello che ci stavamo dicendo perché non parlava bene inglese. Sono venuti accompagnati da una coppia di amici che hanno fatto da testimoni.

Potete vedere le loro bellissime foto qui : http://www.photographertuscany.com/florence/winter-elopement-florence/ e qui la lettera totale:

Hello dear Simona . How are you? First of all excuse me for the delay in response, I was until last week since I came back, solving various professional matters and I chose to write you when I got home, with calm and tranquility. First of all I would like to thank from all my heart that you have been present at our wedding, to have been part of the happiest day of my life! It was all very beautiful, exactly the way we dream one day, by the way was better that we dream before. The ceremony, the church, the city, the day was absolutely magical indeed not remember in all my life have felt a thrill like this. I should also mention how much Lyana and I appreciate your work and how held at our wedding, although we have known each other in a short time and for a few hours, we sympathize much with your person from the bottom of our hearts! We are in love with Florence, Italy and Europe in general, I come by this email thank you so much, every day I remember the times we lived on that date as if they were today. Our trip was wonderful and amazing, we are lots more happy and mature, more united as a couple in general, and above it we came back with a wish in common is that go live in Europe. We consider several things and think too much, this will not out of our head, the more we have some fears and anxieties that’s why I’m telling you this, cause you borned and lives there and can tell us something relevant as your point of vision. As you know we have a very good life and well economically structured in Brazil, Lyana is profissional advertising and has a job very solid, me along with my father have industry and we have some goods that are significant, in a rational way would be to madness leave it to eventually go through the most difficult situations going to live there. But just as we have faith in our will and competence in triumph even in adversity, in reality this experience also encourages us, because we live things different and I believe that life is more interesting about these new experiences and challenges that we propose instead to stay always in the most safe and comfortable. What makes us think is also the situation in which Brazil is experiencing, unfortunately the culture here means people find that cool is not be correct, it is always profit over the next, this comes from the highest ruler, we have no security, we get out our house without knowing whether we will return, or if we will return live. It´s sad, but unfortunatly true. We saw the way people act there, much people act properly and respect the next it makes us admire and want to live in that reality. We are afraid of failure we feel our parents with distance, but they love us and support us in the decision that we gonna make. Well, sorry to take your time but thought that an idea or guidance coming of you would be very interesting and important to us. It was a pleasure meeting you, a honor have your talent to make our special moment, you are very competent and a incredible profissional. I miss Italy every day, as I told you I feel an absurd desire to live there. Meanwhile’ll see what life brings me. Thanks again and I hope that one day Lyana and can find you again. A big kiss.

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